Open Source

We are an avid supporter of open source technologies.  Making regular software and monetary contributions, we try our best to do our part to ensure that the open source communities survives through the years.  We choose to utilize open source technologies because of its generally superior security and structure.  Proprietary systems are usually developed on a budget, by a small team of people and then closed, not allowing others to closely examine their work.  As most proprietary systems rely on “looks” many of the software exploits lies and waits for a hacker to do their bidding to the code.

A perfect example and contrast is Microsoft.  Many of Microsoft’s programs are proprietary and no source code disclosed to anyone outside of the Microsoft team.  Thus nearly every operating system released to date has been exploited over and over gain until a very negative stigma has settled upon the company.  Linux, in its many distributions has stood the tests of time, allowing its source to be disclosed to everyone, people are able to examine and check other people’s work in open forums to correct these errors before they can be taken advantage of.  Linux is, even today, the oldest secure operating system that is still widely used in mission critical environments.

We, at MLW & Associates, LLP are proud and honored to be working closely with these open source communities and knowing that we are apart of a foundation that allows freedom of software.  Sadly, you would think this system would have been devised in the United States, but because of our laws, it was the United Kingdom that was successfully able to implement these “freedom” licenses with open source software, allowing the users freedom to do as they wish with the software but also providing the authors with protection and a guarantee of credit to the code.

Some of our developer’s times are utilized in the development of open source projects.  Should anyone want to make a monetary contribution to these projects, they can do so and with a guarantee from MLW & Associates, LLP that every dollar that is donated will be used within these open source projects and every dollar donated is matched by the company.


We have contributed more than 1,240,000 lines of code as of April 1st, 2010.  One of our more popular contributions is Super CAPTCHA, an open-source anti-bot system for WordPress systems to prevent bot sign-ups and bot comments that is considered by many experts to be “bullet proof”.  Building this system from the ground up with security in mind we made several features to the software to both make it user friendly and accessible, but also hard for a bot to crack by adding random font colors, random fonts, and phasing/tilting of fonts to ensure that a bot cannot recognize the text based on edging.


We use many open source technologies, some of them are: