Cyber Advocate

Many of the services we offer revolves around our TradeMarked service, “Cyber Agent” also known as a “Cyber Investigator”. This is a program in your company where you can hire our team to perform nearly any “cyber” avocation for you.

Internet Research & Investigations (Criminal & Civil)
Many law enforcement branches outsource our investigative services regularly and we always enjoy the opportunity to help better serve our communities! If you are a Wayne County Law Firm you are responsible for obtaining your own writs, subpoenas, and warrants. We are always happy to testify in court FREE of charge for the first 4 hours of appearance in any North Carolina Court.

Court Appearances
We actually had a law firm request this as a service; so here it is Jack! If you are in need of a reputable person to appear on behalf of your client or law firm and explain, present, and teach to a judge or jury the “technical” lingo of a case in a language they will actually understand, let us know! The line between our legal system and the internet is one that is very, very large, whether it be because the older part of the population are judges and jurors, or because there just aren’t that many technical experts out there, we are here to help make that line as small as possible. If your client had someone steal his/her copyrights, or was harassed over the internet, we are the ones to ask, because no matter WHAT, unless the person is a hacker we can and will find them, trace their steps and show in detail and in plain English what and how the person acted. It is time that “Electronic Proof” was removed from the oxymoron list.

Cease and Desist Notices (C&D)
There are a lot of dirty people out there, and the internet seems to be a great hiding spot. If you are ever serious about performing legal actions against an individual, let us know! We’ll have our attorneys draft a formal Cease and Desist Notice, and investigate the offender to have the notice properly served. In this situation, if the actions continue you will then be able to pursue legal actions. This service is recommended for “Large Corporations” and Law Firms in order to better help their clients.

ICANN & IANNA Letters and Notices
Tired of fighting with ICANN and IANNA to get your domain names and IP addresses? Tired of paying ridiculously high fees? Let us know — we step up to the plate for you!

General Cyber Advocacy
If you are having problems with your website, domain name, and/or server and you think you just don’t have what it takes to get support working for you, let us know! We’ll access your problems, confirm the department and company that should be supporting the problem, and advocate for you and on your behalf to allow them to fix the issue. We have several legal methods of escalating issues that remain unresolved, and we utilize different approaches for different situations. The most common is: Phone Contact, Written Contact, BBB Contact, FCC Contact, Attorney General Contact